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Acne Vulgaris Entry on Wikipedia

Acne affects more than 85% of teenagers, and frequently continues into adulthood. For most people, acne diminishes over time and tends to disappear—or at the very least decrease—by their twenties. Wikipedia covers the causes, pictures, treatments, and history of acne treatments.

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Skin Disease Image Atlas – Pictures of Acne

Think you know what type of acne you suffer from? Confirm your suspicions by comparing your acne to these images. The Dermnet website contains over 23,000 images of skin disease.

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How Many Acne Myths Have You Been Told?

Discover the top 20 myths related to acne, an explanation as to why the myths are not true, and common sense advice on how to properly care for your acne.

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Learn More About Your Acne from Health.com

Health.com brings you vital information with a human touch. Written in plain English, using real-life examples, Health.com makes learning about your acne a little less bitter.

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Emotional Aspects of Acne

Feeling insecure or depressed about your acne? Check out this excellent article relating to acne and self-esteem.

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Can Acne Scars be Removed?

Severe acne can result in scars, leaving the bearer suffering for years even after the acne has gone. Can those scars be fixed? Check out this website for more information.

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Acne Treatment Options for Drug Digest

There are several treatment options for acne. Most options reduce or prevent new lesions and take at least 8 weeks to produce results. Whether you are researching possible treatment medications to discuss with your doctor or you want to know more about the medications you are already taking, Drug Digest's treatment pages are for you.

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Physician Recommended Skincare by DERMAdoctor.com

Discover a full selection of high quality acne products at DERMAdoctor.com. Site includes helpful user reviews and lots of feature articles and newsletters on skin care.

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Acne Community on MedHelp

This patient support community is for discussions relating to acne and foods, scars, adult acne, blackheads, rosacea, and pimples. Visit and connect with others who experience acne.

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Find a Dermatologist Near You

This tool locates an American Academy of Dermatologists doctor in your own community. If you want to treat your acne, use this tool to find an expert.

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