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Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Breath

What causes bad breath? Is it your dry mouth? Are you stuck with Halitosis? This site explains the causes, effective treatment, and the warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease. You can also see the products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance, and learn how effective halitosis treatment kits really are. Find out about bad breath from the American Dental Association.

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8 Easy Steps to Banish Bad Breath

This site offers eight simple tips to fix the problem like: oral cleanliness (especially your tongue), gum chewing to induce salivating, always choose cinnamon flavors, drink plenty of water, and more. These tips are interesting because they’re uncommon things most would never think of to get rid of bad breath. Who knew cinnamon was scientifically a better choice than peppermint?

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Bad Breath: Symptoms, Causes, and Testing Yourself for Halitosis

These pages describe some simple tests with graphics to determine if you have bad breath, from licking your wrist, to scraping your tongue with a spoon. It explains the how's and why's related to oral bacteria and their ability to cause bad breath. Read more for instructions regarding the use of tongue scrapers, mouthwashes, and other specialty products, and common tips that minimize potential for experiencing breath malodor.

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The Oral Health Bible - Amazon.com

This book by Dr. Michael Bonner is very well-researched. From the first few pages you’ll learn facts like how almost 90% of the American public has some sort of gum disease that can be detected by a dental professional, how periodontal disease increases risk of heart attack, arthritis, and strokes, and is a cause in at least one in five preterm births. Definitely worth reading if you want to find out why and how the mouth is completely connected to the body.

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How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath: A YouTube Video

An Australian instructional video on how to self-diagnose bad breath. Really funny and informative at the same time!

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Bad Breath Symptoms

This site gives more tips on self-diagnosis of bad breath, which is great because we are genetically acclimated to the smells that come from our mouths, (our smell receptors in our noses have grown accustomed to the odors in our mouths). Here you will find a detailed list of physical symptoms to diagnose indication of a halitosis problem.

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Bad Breath Prevention Tips

This site offers more uncommon and useful tips like: not using breath mints, chewing gum, using baking soda, use TheraBreath toothpaste, avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in your toothpaste, drink green tea, and more. Find out the why and how behind these tips and many more.

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Protecting Children’s Oral Health

This website offers information on how studies indicate nearly all children and adolescents have gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease, and other types of periodontal diseases. Not only does this provide thorough information on prevention and treatment tips for children, it provides useful images to diagnose physical symptoms.

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Bad Breath Forum

A forum and message board for those suffering from bad breath. Have your questions answered by others in the community. You will definitely find others to share your story with or read a wide variety of questions from different topics from gargling to gum reviews.

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Bad Breath Quiz: Test Your Bad Breath Etiquette

This offers a fun test on your bad breath etiquette and tips to tell someone politely that their breath isn’t all that fresh. Check it out to see how you rank in breaking the bad breath news.

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