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Mold Allergy


Facts about Stachybotrys Chartarum and Other Molds

The words "mold allergy" strike fear and make many people think of "toxic mold." Learn the facts at this excellent, objective site from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Mold Resources from the Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA's website on mold offers some solid information in an easy-to-read, practical format. Learn more about mold here.

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Mold Allergy

What is a mold allergy? Are all mold allergies bad? Check out this informative website to learn all about molds and mold allergies.

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Allergy Treatment

Did you know that most mold allergies are treated in the same manner as other allergies? This web site offers good information on allergy treatments.

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Mold Health Issues Entry on Wikipedia

Since Biblical times it has been known that indoor mold growth can be a health hazard. Learn much more about the health history of mold, health issues and symptoms, and remedies.

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Mold in my Home: What do I do?

Whether you think or actually know you have a mold problem in your home, this article from the Department of Health Services provides detailed information about how to respond.

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Allergy Treatment Begins at Home

Allergic to mold? You can control your allergies by controlling your environment, and the easiest place to start is in your home. Check out this web site to learn more.

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Concerned About Mold? Check Out These Household Mold Tips.

This website offers extensive information covering all things related to mold in the home. A must-read for anyone concerned about mold.

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The Mold Blog. Get Answers to Your Mold Questions!

The authors of The Mold Blog have devoted their entire site to learning and writing about mold. If you have a question, they have probably answered it.

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About Mold... From the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council

This page offers excellent information, a question and answer section, and links to several other informative sources. A great resource.

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