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Terminal Illness


End-of-Life Care: Questions and Answers

This page is provided by the National Cancer Institute offering a number of answers to many common questions for patients, their family members, and caregivers about the end of life. Some of the sample questions provided are, “When should you call for professional help when caring at home?” or “How do I provide emotional support?” and more. This page offers very thorough answers too.

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Preparing Your Advanced Directives

Here you will find valuable tips for preparation of your advanced directive, or living will. This site advises you on what to do before you prepare it, what to do when preparing it, and what directions to follow after they are signed. Use this guide to easily prepare your advanced directives.

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Helping a Child When a Family Member Has Cancer

This website offers great advice for how to face this painful information with children. With insightful answers to many questions like, “How do I know if my disease is terminal?” or, “Why should I inform my children I am dying?”; the advice offered on how to have a conversation with your children can make a real difference in how they will handle the experience and go on with their lives.

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Leaving a Legacy

Offering some great insight on legacy and how it reflects who you are as a person and what your life was about, this website has numerous tips on how to leave a legacy. From making a videotape diary to writing letters to loved ones and friends, there is a lot of valuable advice on how you can help ease your own sorrow about leaving family and friends behind too.

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Final Details Checklist

This check list created by the AARP is very valuable. The last thing you might want to do is deal with money and legal matters, but this financial checklist makes it so easy and some of the tasks can be handled by family members and trusted friends.

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What is Your Hospice IQ?

The results may surprise you! This offers a true or false quiz to find out your Hospice IQ.

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Talking to Children About Death

If you are concerned about discussing death with your children, you are not alone and this website offers a lot of insight into how to start the conversation and what to expect. Also, this site from the Clinical Center National Institutes of Health offers advice on funerals and sending children away from home.

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What is Hospice Care?

Hospice, in the earliest days, was a concept rooted in the centuries-old idea of offering a place of shelter and rest, or "hospitality" to weary and sick travelers on a long journey. In 1967 Dame Cicely Saunders at St. Christopher's Hospice in London first applied the term "hospice" to specialized care for dying patients. Today, hospice care provides humane and compassionate care for people in the last phases of incurable disease so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.

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Talking With Others About Their End-of-Life Wishes

Caring Connections offers helpful pointers to initiate conversation with a loved one about their advanced care planning. Although it is an awkward topic, it’s easier to approach with these tips on improving communication with your loved one.

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What is a Will? Frequently Asked Questions

AARP answers everything you could wonder about a will. There is a wide variety of topics covered from the difference of a simple will and a regular will, and how to go about preparing a will. This website also offers great resources to other related topics.

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