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Find Best Selling Books on Caregiving at Amazon

Whatever your caregiving situation, Amazon will have a book that’s just right for you. Reader ratings and reviews help you pick the best books for your caregiving needs. Great prices and easy to use.

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CarePages – Free Patient Blogs that Connect Friends and Family

CarePages is an online community of millions of people coming together to share the challenges, hopes and triumphs of anyone facing a life-changing health event. CarePages helps members and their families connect during and after hospitalization for illnesses ranging from cancer, spinal cord injury, stroke, heart disease to premature birth.

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CareSquare – Connecting Families with Caregivers

Caresquare connects families and caregivers directly - browse profiles and open positions, read references, and make great new connections. Both caregivers and families create individual profile pages. Families can network with each other, review caregivers they have used, and read feedback left by others.

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National Alliance for Caregivng

The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) is a coalition of national organizations focusing on issues related to and in support of family caregivers. NAC conducts research, policy analysis, program development and public awareness about caregiving. Their website, www.caregiving.org, provides publications and information including a link to the Caregiving 101 website and surveys on the status of caregiving.

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KCKmedical Supplies

Provides superior supplies at fair prices for private individuals as well as home health caregivers, doctors, and nurses.

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U.S. Medical Supplies

One of the largest home medical equipment and supply distributors with over 14,000 discounted items.

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Family Caregiver Alliance – National Center on Caregiving

Discover helpful caregiving advice and information on the Family Caregiver Alliance website. You’ll find FAQs, fact sheets, research and policy studies.

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Long Distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregivers can be helpful no matter how great the distance. “So Far Away: Twenty Questions for Long-Distance Caregivers” focuses on some of the issues unique to long-distance caregiving. Developed by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health, this booklet is a gateway to ideas and resources that can help make long-distance caregiving more manageable and satisfying.

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