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Diabetes Fund-Raising Events

Have fun and raise funds! List of diabetes fund-raising events including Step Out to Fight Diabetes, Tour de Cure, Step Up to Fight Diabetes, School Walk for Diabetes, and Kiss-A-Pig.

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Shop For Diabetes Supplies at AllegroMedical

A great source for products to help with diabetes. Syringes, FreeStyle Test Strips, One Touch Ultra Test Strips, meters, test kits and more!

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Could You Save on Your Drug Expense?

Tired of paying high prices for brand name drugs? Find out if you could save with generics or similar, less expensive medicines using this drug savings calculator from Express Scripts.

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How Much Do You Know About Diabetes? A Quiz From Harvard Health.

Put your diabetes knowledge to the test. There's more at stake than whether you get all the answers right. What you learn might help you avoid this dangerous disease.

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Find Healthy Dining Choices

Love to eat out? Watching your weight? Health- or nutrition-conscious? Use this site to find healthy dining choices. View nutrition information including: calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, sodium etc.

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Your Guide To Eating Diabetic-Friendly Restaurant Meals

Many restaurants are trying to meet diners' health needs. You want healthy foods because you have diabetes -- and you're not alone. More and more people want healthy food choices. This guide provides great information for diabetics that want to eat out and eat healthy.

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Get Diabetes Friendly Meals Delivered to Your Door

Now you can obtain chef prepared frozen complete meals that fit within most diabetic’s meal parameters and best of all, the meals are delivered right to your door! These great tasting meals can go from freezer to table in just ten minutes.

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