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Childhood Immunizations


Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedules from the CDC

Download and print several different vaccination schedules for your child. The schedules list the ages (birth through 6 years old and 7 through 18 years old) for when each vaccine or series of shots is to be given. If your child or adolescent has missed any shots, consult the catch-up schedule and check with your doctor about getting back on track.

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Common Myths About Immunizations

From the American Academy of Pediatrics, answers to many myths and questions associated with childhood immunizations. There are also many links to other information on having your child vaccinated.

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Why Vaccinate Your Baby?

Simply put, vaccines save lives. You have the power to protect your baby from dangerous illnesses like measles, tetanus and hepatitis. This website provides extensive information on why it is best to vaccinate your baby. Includes information about preventing diseases, protecting public health, the history of vaccinations, and much more.

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What Vaccinations Protect Against – From Every Child By Two

Vaccinations protect your child against serious diseases. Learn more about diphtheria, polio, measles, rubella and more nasty bugs. Also included are links to information sheets on the various vaccinations.

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Vaccine Awakening: An Informational Blog

Vaccine Awakening is written by Barbara Loe Fisher, a mother of three children and a writer and speaker on vaccination and informed consent issues. Barbara believes that no American should be legally forced to play vaccine roulette with a child’s life.

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Vaccination Quiz: What Do You Know About Your Child's Vaccines?

Most parents know something about the vaccines their kids get, but more often than not you show up to your well child checkups and your pediatrician tells you what shots you need. Take About.com’s Immunization Quiz to see if you know as much about the vaccines your kids get as you should.

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How Vaccines Work from HowStuffWorks

Medicine has come a long way over the years. The development of the vaccine kicked off an era of illness prevention unlike anything the world had ever seen. In fact, vaccinations are largely viewed as the most successful medical advancement in the history of public health. Learn how vaccines work from the fascinating HowStuffWorks website.

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Childhood Immunization - Books About the Pros and Cons

Want to learn even more about childhood immunizations? This book list from Amazon.com contains plenty of reading material on the pros and cons of immunization and making the right choice for your child. Sorted by relevance.

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Today Show Part 1: Should You Vaccinate Your Kids

A YouTube video featuring a story shown on The Today Show about making the decision to vaccinate your children. Part one of a two part series. 4 stars | 5:23

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Child Vaccines: Some Parents Ill at Ease

An article that attempts to answer questions about opting out of childhood vaccinations. Does the private right of parents to not vaccinate their kids trump the greater public good?

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