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Stomach Ulcers


Wikipedia Entry on Stomach Ulcers

Wikipedia is for you if you're ready to view graphic images and read abundant in-depth health information on stomach ulcers. Although in Western countries the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infections, roughly matches age (i.e., 20% at age 20, 30% at age 30, 80% at age 80 etc), prevalence is higher in third world countries. Read more about its transmission through food, contaminated groundwater, and human saliva. Learn more about Stomach Ulcers from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia collaboratively written by volunteers.

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Do You Have an Ulcer? A Screening Quiz

About.com offers a great quiz on self-diagnosis for a Stomach Ulcer. Although, this shouldn't substitute an appointment with your physician, this quiz does help your understanding of Stomach Ulcers. Take this peptic ulcer screening quiz, and then discuss the results with your doctor. Remember this quiz should be used for informational purposes only.

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Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers from Amazon.com

Robert M. Spakolsky explains how stress affects sleep and addiction. He also offers new insight into anxiety and personality disorder, and the impact of spirituality when managing stress. Sapolsky explains when we experience stress, our body turns on the same physiological responses that an animal's does, but we do not fight or flight. Over time, our prolonged stress causes or intensifies a range of physical and mental afflictions, including depression, ulcers, colitis, heart disease, and more. Combining cutting-edge research with a healthy dose of good humor and practical advice, "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" provides essential guidance to controlling our stress responses and preventing ulcers.

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Stomach Ulcers in Children - Mama's Health

Mama's Health provides information on Stomach ulcers for children you won't find anywhere else. Although many believe it is an "adult disease", Mama's Health explains why children get ulcers, and what to do if your child is diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. If you want to know more about other digestive health topics, this site has a large glossary to choose from.

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Stomach Ulcer Forum

The e-health forum is constantly updated with a refreshing stylish new message board for those suffering from Stomach Ulcers and their family and friends. Have your questions answered by others in the community or post your own questions and story. This is also one of the few forums where you can personally ask a question to a doctor on the website.

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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Buzzle.com, Intelligent Life on the Web, offers the greatest tips in recognizing early symptoms of stomach ulcers. Although the most common symptom for a stomach ulcer is a constant discomfort in the stomach, most don't know the sudden pain in the stomach can carry on for a few days. Also, regular and prolonged use of anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, are also known to cause stomach ulcers. Read here for more tips and do not delay on contacting your doctor if you experience very painful discomfort.

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Good Foods and Bad Foods for Peptic Ulcers

Do you really know what to eat if you want to avoid a Peptic Ulcer or have one. About.com features great pointers on restricting or avoiding foods that may cause irritation to the digestive system, reduce excessive acid production, and prevent unpleasant side effects, such as heartburn. Learn more about diagnosis, symptoms, complications, and more on ulcers.

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Diagnosis of a Stomach Ulcer from the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic's page on Peptic Ulcer Diagnosis thoroughly describes how H. pylori infection is diagnosed in various ways. Unlike testing for other infections, a culture is generally not taken, instead you can learn about upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, Urea breath test, the Stool antigen test, and blood tests. Links to appointments, clinical trials, and treatments are also included.

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Peptic Ulcer Disease Treatment Overview

WebMD offers a very informative overview of the various treatments for peptic ulcer disease. When caused by an infection with H. pylori bacteria or use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Medicines that reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach are used to treat all forms of peptic ulcer disease. WebMD describes initial treatment and actually describes the risks of not treating stomach ulcers too.

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Stomach Question and Answer Blog

The Stomach Ulcer Q and A blog was created to share the treatment of stomach trouble, including gastritis, gastric ulcer, stomach cancer, stomach pain, perforation and more with patients. Find answers to all your questions, or post your own!

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