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Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer Quiz

WebMD has a new Prostate Cancer Fact vs Fiction Quiz that everyone should take. Although you may feel that you are pretty knowledgeable already, this quiz could change your mind. Many men are living with old preconceptions about prostate cancer treatment, and the effects on their lives. Separate the myths from the facts in this quick quiz.

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Prostate Cancer Prevention: What You Can Do

MayoClinic is a trusted and reliable resource to find the best prevention tips you need. Although there is sure way to prevent prostate cancer — you can make some choices that might help reduce your risk. Prostate cancer is complicated, and researchers are still trying to understand the full range of factors that cause it. Find out what the Mayo Clinic advises which prevention strategies are safe and most effective. While any man can get prostate cancer, it's most common in older men, men with a family history of prostate cancer and in black men. Although you can't change your age, genetics and race, there are some factors you can control. Here are a few things to do to help lower your risk of prostate cancer. These steps may also help prevent other cancers and health conditions such as heart disease.

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You Can Beat Prostate Cancer

"You Can Beat Prostate Cancer" by Bob Marckini, is written from his personal experience. Marckini knows the task of choosing the right prostate cancer treatment is daunting. As a Prostate cancer survivor now running an international Prostate cancer support group, Marckini knows what he's talking about. Read about his journey and the important things he learned along the way. This book is intended to provide specific information for men who are at risk or have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. All major treatment options are examined and the pros and cons of each are summarized. This book has been endorsed by several physicians as well as other highly respected people from all walks of life.

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Prostate Cancer Forum

The Cancer Forum and message board is for those suffering from Prostate Cancer and their family or friends. This forum is quite active and updated regularly. Have your questions answered by others in the community or share your stories. You will discover there are millions of others experiencing the same thing as yourself or your loved one.

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Clinical Trials on Prostate Cancer

ClinicalTrials.gov is an easy-to-use Web site that provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical trials, including more than 638 current open studies on Prostate Cancer that are recruiting for help.

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Join a Support Group for Prostate Cancer: Yahoo Groups

Yahoo's Prostate Cancer Support Group deals with all aspects of this illness and how to live as full a life as possible with it. Advice on the practical ways of dealing with Prostate Cancer, how you feel about it, it's side effects, and community support are offered with details of other support groups and information lines. Members here are not pushy and discussions can be light-hearted or informative. Membership is free here.

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Fight Prostate Cancer and Grow a Moustache this November

Movember is the new November. The Movember Foundation is an Australian based, not for profit, charitable organization raising awareness and money for Men's health implements the Movember event each year across the globe. The Movember's beneficiary partner in the United States is the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), the world's largest philanthropic source of support for prostate cancer. Founded in 1993, the PCF has raised more than $350 million and provided funding for more than 1,400 research projects at nearly 150 institutions worldwide. All funds raised by Movember in the US stay in the US and go directly to the PCF. Here you can find out how to get involved or read quick facts about Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, or health issues categorized by age.

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Title Men's Health on WomensHealth.gov

This site is for women to learn more about men's health risks. Women's Health provides links to publications from various government bodies and national organizations concerned with health and disease. If your loved one is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer or you are concerned about this risk, learn all about prostate health here from the Office on Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Celebrities with Prostate Cancer

Here you can see that you aren't alone, and their are many other celebrities who have also experienced the pain of prostate cancer. Senator Bob Dole was one of the first celebrities to "go public" with his prostate cancer. Since then in 1992, many other high-profile men with prostate cancer have made a similar decision. Their stories---how they were diagnosed, what treatments they selected, how they've fared, and what impact the disease has had on their lives---are told here to help others cope.

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Prostate Cancer

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has provided a valuable amount of questions to ask your doctor. Whether you have just been diagnosed or you are considering surgery or radiation therapy, these are great questions to ask the next time you meet your physician. You can learn what to ask when your PSA starts to rise after initial treatment and what to ask when your PSA starts to rise during hormone therapy. Go ahead and jot these sample questions down or print them out.

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