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Breast Cancer


Description of Stages of Breast Cancer and Treatment

What exactly does it mean when your doctor tells you that you have breast cancer, Stage 0, or Stage IIA? if you see these numbers and letters on your pathology report? Look here to find out.

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How to Tell Your Family You Have Cancer

Every person has a different way of handling news that a loved one has cancer. Many people react with shock, disbelief and even anger when they're first given the news. There is no "right way" for you and your family to feel about your diagnosis. Here are some suggestions for helping your family help you.

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I'm Too Young for This Cancer Foundation

Young adults can and do get cancer. Here is where they get busy living.

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ACOR - Association of Cancer Online Resources

ACOR is a free online lifeline for everyone affected by cancer and related disorders. Offers access to 150+ mailing lists that provide support, information, and community. They can help you.

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Medication Management Service

RememberItNow! is an online service where you can schedule text medication reminders, create a private care community, and take control of your health care. Free trial.

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Managing the Side Effects of Cancer

Cancer patients often have to contend with physical and mental changes due to their disease, the treatments used to cure or control it or both. Side effects can range from simply irritating to debilitating or life threatening and requiring a change in treatment options. CancerPage.com talks about how you can cope with the side effects of cancer.

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CancerCare Online Support Group

The CancerCare free online support groups are for everyone affected by cancer: patients, caregivers, loved ones, teens, young adults, parents, and the bereaved. Each of CancerCare’s groups is facilitated by a professional oncology social worker, so you can be sure that someone trained in cancer and emotional issues will guide the group discussion.

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