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Bed Bugs


Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Simple, easy to read and understand fact sheet with hints and helpful advice from the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

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Centers for Disease Control: Bed Bug Infestations in an Urban Environment

Scholarly scientific research article dealing with bed bug infestations in urban areas, complete with pictures and survey results. Provides area at the bottom of the page to send comments related to the document.

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Ohio State University Fact Sheet: Bed Bugs

This is a well-written, simple, straight forward fact sheet outlining bed bug distribution as well as a picture to identify bed bugs. Site also contains information on bed bug habits, signs of infestation, and measures to take in the case of infestation.

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IdentifyUS: Bed bugs

Updated educational information on the biology and management of bed bugs formerly hosted by Harvard University. Identification resources are available at this site as well.

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New England Bed Bug Forum

This site has a lot of information and tracking on bed bug infestations in the area. The pictures of the bed bugs are awesome.

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