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Tourette Syndrome Blog

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke feature a very informative Tourette Syndrome fact sheet. Here you can learn all the background information on this syndrome, the symptoms, the course of TS, disorders associated with it, how it is diagnosed, treated, if it is inherited, the prognosis and much more. This is one of the best websites to also discover what the best educational setting is for a child with TS.

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Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Forum

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation for Canada forum is open to everyone. This forum and message board is for those suffering from Tourette Syndrome and their family and friends. Have your questions answered by others in the community, or share your story. Simply register quickly before you post or browse through other posts and read around.

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Join a Support Group for Tourette Syndrome: Yahoo Groups

Yahoo's Tourette Syndrome support group is one a very open and inclusive community. Here it is understood how Tourette Tics are actually more common than you might think. Many people have tics that go away in less than a year or mild tics that don't interfere with their lives. Find out more or share your experience with this group. It is always available for support and membership is free.

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Clinical Trials on Tourette Syndrome

ClinicalTrials.gov is an easy-to-use Web site that provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical trials, including about 21 open studies recruiting on Tourette Syndrome.

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