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Tourette Syndrome


Tourette Syndrome Chat Room

The Tourette Syndrome chat room encourages you to grab a cool drink and relax for a good chat session. This chat room is always busy, and after entering a short description of yourself, you’re guaranteed to talk with someone in 5 minutes, as over 600 people a day are currently visiting our main site, many of those wanting to chat. Believe it or not, the busiest time of day is weekday mornings, after the kids are gone away to school and stay-at-home moms are in need of information, words of encouragement and quick advice from someone else raising a Tourette Syndrome child.

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Video - Newly Diagnosed Tourette Syndrome

Watch a video from Dr. John T. Walkup of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. This 3 hour presentation is an abbreviated version of an all-day seminar presented at the Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. National Conference held April 2006 in Alexandria Virginia. In attendance at the live seminar were newly diagnosed adults, professionals, parents, family members, and friends of persons with Tourette Syndrome.

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Wikipedia Entry on Tourette Syndrome

Wikipedia has plentiful information on Tourette's syndrome. Although it is found among all social, racial and ethnic groups, it has been reported that it runs three to four times more frequent among males than females. Find out more interesting facts on Wikipedia, like how as many as 1 in 100 people experience tic disorders, including chronic tics and transient tics in childhood. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is written collaboratively by volunteers.

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Tourette Syndrome Association for Young People

TSA (Tourette's Syndrome Association), has great online resources for young people with Tourette’s. You will find a lot of valuable publications, interesting biographies, and other information for children with Tourette Syndrome. There is also material that you might find helpful to educate friends or classmates of children with Tourette Syndrome.

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Tourette Syndrome Documentary - YouTube Film Trailer

In this short YouTube film trailer for a Tourette Syndrome documentary, the inner symptoms of Tourette syndrome are revealed and openly discussed by people who experience them every day. How does it feel to tic? Why can't a person stop ticking? What causes vocal outbursts and other extreme tics? These questions are answered in detail and much more is revealed about this mysterious disorder as six individuals with TS take the audience far into the Tourette mind.

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Tourette Syndrome Symptoms from the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic describes tics as the hallmark sign of Tourette syndrome. Do you know all the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome? They range from very mild to severe and debilitating. The first sign of Tourette is often a facial tic, such as eye blinking. Read more about the spectrum of tics that people experience, which is amazingly diverse, and there's no typical case. Find out more about causes, risk factors, when to seek medical advice, and much more.

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Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide

Amazon's book, "Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide" gives great explanations on how to treat tics and Tourette’s syndrome using natural and alternative therapies, from nutritional therapy, behavioral and counseling therapies, EEG biofeedback, and homeopathy to bodywork, energy medicine, and Chinese medicine. Author Sheila Rogers discusses categories of tics including spasmodic facial movements, eye blinking, mild sounds, and humming. You will be very grateful for each of the 23 chapters and each includes a place for notes and “Takeaway Tips” summarizing key points.

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What is Tourette Syndrome? The Facts

Tourette Syndrome Facts is a site where you can find answers to almost all your common and rare questions. Learn about which medications are available which can lessen the effects of Tourette's syndrome. Here you can also read about other common symptoms and related problems. Learn how Tourette Syndrome is classified and what causes it too.

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Tourette Syndrome Awareness Exercises for Parents

Tourette Syndrome Plus is a great website to look at for parents with their children. With exercises for both parents and children, anyone can learn what daily life is like for someone living with Tourette Syndrome. There are exercises which help to raise awareness for parents and others caring for a child with Tourette's.

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Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome: A 9-Year-Old Boy's Story in His Own Words, from Amazon

On Amazon, you can buy the latest book on Tourette Syndrome for your young loved one. In "Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome", you can read about how Dylan Peters has lived with Tourette Syndrome more than half of his young life. Find out what he's learned about tolerance and acceptance during his five years, which most of us fail to learn in an entire lifetime. In his own words--often humorous, always insightful--Dylan helps others, young and old, understand Tourette Syndrome and the enormous pressures this little, mysterious affliction places on those who have it and on those who love them.

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