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The Daily Headache: A Personal Blog

The writer of The Daily Headache is a 31-year-old woman who has lived with chronic daily headache and migraine for nearly 20 years. Her blog includes information about medications, triggers, and everything else headache sufferers should know but are in too much pain to ask.

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The Headache Quiz: Do You Have Migraine Headaches?

Are you one of the estimated 29.5 million Americans suffering from migraines? To help find out, take the quiz and then share the results with your doctor.

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Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding For Migraine: Migraine Treatment And Management

An in-depth look at many different treatments for migraines from the migraine awareness group. Discusses medications, natural remedies, and preventing the triggers of migraines.

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People Who Have Migraines, Brains Are Different: A YouTube Video

Watch a video of a CNN news report discussing how a part of the brain plays a role in migraine occurrence. 4.5 stars, 2:17

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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Migraines

A list of important questions you should ask your doctor when being treated for migraines. Also includes links to other information about Migraines.

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Join a Support Group For Migraines: Yahoo Groups

A support group for those suffering from Migraines. Members can compare notes on medications, coping with pain, and migraine triggers. Membership is free. 1,800+ members.

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Participate in a Clinical Trial on Migraines

ClinicalTrials.gov is an easy-to-use Web site that provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical trials, including more than 70 open studies on migraines.

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Tips For Avoiding Migraine Triggers

Many everyday things can trigger a migraine headache. Depending on your sensitivity, it might be red wine, caffeine withdrawal, emotional stress, or skipped meals. Learn more about migraine triggers on WebMD.

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How Migraines Work

Amazingly, doctors are still not entirely sure exactly how someone gets a migraine or why certain things trigger them. Previously, they believed that it was caused by blood vessels dilating. While this could be a contributor to pain and the cause of an aura, doctors no longer believe this to be the underlying problem. Learn how migraines work at the fascinating HowStuffWorks website.

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