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Teens Health: Bursitis

Think Bursitis is just for older people? You're wrong, Teens Health is your best read if you wonder about those sharp pains or your young loved one's sharp pains. Did you know Bursitis can literally be a pain in the butt? Bursitis pain can develop anywhere, and you will discover more interesting facts like this on Teens Health.

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Causes of Bursitis by the Mayo Clinic

MayoClinic answers all your questions on how Bursitis is caused. Common causes of bursitis are overuse, stress and direct trauma to a joint, such as with repeated bumping or prolonged pressure from kneeling. Bursitis may also result from an infection, arthritis or gout. Many times, the cause is unknown. Bursitis in certain locations of your body is also caused by repetitive motion related to certain activities. Learn more from the Mayo Clinic.

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Arthritis: Bursitis

WebMD is provides you valuable health information on bursitis. Here you will find the most informative pages on different types of Bursitis, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. The most common symptom of Bursitis is pain at the site of the bursa and beyond. The pain may be a gradual buildup or sudden and severe, especially if calcium deposits are present. Loss of motion in the shoulder can also be a sign of bursitis. Learn a lot more about Bursitis from WebMD.

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Wikipedia Entry on Bursitis

Wikipedia has an example image of Bursitis followed by all the information on its causes, symptoms, stages, examples, treatment, references, and more. Find out how bursitis starts as inflammation of one or more bursae of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points where internal functionaries, such as muscles and tendons, slide across the bone. Learn more about Bursitis from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is written collaboratively by volunteers.

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Arthritis and Joint Pain Support Group Forum

The WebMD message board is for those suffering from arthritis or joint pain. If this is you, you'll find the support and suggestions you need on how to cope day to day from other members of this support group. Compare notes on treatments, alternatives, and surgical options, too.

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Public and Patient Information from the American College of Rheumatology

The American College of Rheumatology is a great resource if you are trying to find a rheumatologist in your area or want to know more about legislation that affects patient care and federal funding of rheumatology research. Here in the Patients & Public section of the ACR Web site, you’ll find a wealth of information developed just for you and your family. Use their many links to explore this section and you'll discover new information is added regularly, so check back often.

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Assess Your Arthritis Risk

Arthirtis.org is one of the few sites you can find a self-diagnosis type quiz. To be at risk means that there is a possibility (based on certain factors known to contribute to the disease), that you may develop arthritis or a related condition. Answer the following five questions as best as you can to determine if you have any of the factors that may put you at increased risk for developing arthritis.

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Bursitis Treatments

About.com has a great Orthopedics section where you can seek some advice for bursitis treatment and avoiding recurrences of this problem. As with any treatment program, talk with your doctor before you begin bursitis treatment, but look around here first. You may find the answer to your question about ice packs, anti-inflammatory medication, and cortisone injections.

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Healthy Bones & Joints: A Natural Approach to Treating Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendinitis, Myalgia & Bursitis

"Healthy Bones & Joints: A Natural Approach to Treating Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendinitis, Myalgia & Bursitis", featured on Amazon.com is from a clinician with 22 years experience and a fellow of Britain's National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Here come four new guides to total herbal health where each volume is a thorough exploration and study of the uses of herbs as preventatives and treatment. This is definitely a valuable read and deal.

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Prevention and Treatment Strategies for Bursitis

Learn what a bursa is on The Stretching Handbook online. Included on this website are a number of useful strategies that will help to prevent bursitis and other joint pain. Firstly, learn to identify the activities that cause bursitis and either avoid those activities or modify them to reduce the pressure and stress on your joints. For example, if kneeling causes discomfort and bursitis in your knee joints, use a cushion or knee pads, or maybe you could use a small stool to sit on instead of kneeling. Learn more from The Stretching Institute.

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