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Back Pain


Back Pain Overview from WebMD

WebMD always features in depth information for almost any medical condition. Here you will find a lot of information on all the causes of back pain including accidents, strains, and injuries. Did you know that there are two typesof back injury? Learn about the Spondylolisthesis type of injury and the cervical radiculopathy injury. Both have their own set of symptoms, causes, and treatments. Learn a lot about back pain from WebMD.

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Symptoms of Back Pain

Back.com is the site to see if you have troubling symptoms. You aren't alone. Between 75 and 85% of all people will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime, and here on Back.com you can learn all about the specific symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, articles on back pain in more. With back pain being the second most frequently reported reason for visiting a doctor, after the common cold, this site is a very useful and popular resource for all of those suffering.

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A Guide for Understanding Back Pain

SpineHealth.com features one of the best solutions and guide for your back pain problems. Although back and spine are designed to provide a great deal of strength, protecting your highly sensitive spinal cord and nerve roots, there are still many different parts of the spine that can produce back pain. Learn about how your back pain starts with irritation to the large nerve roots (that run down the legs and arms), irritation to small nerves inside the spine, strains to the large back muscles, and as well as any injury to the disc, bones, joints or ligaments in the spine. This is a great resource for understanding your back pain.

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Back Pain Quiz

Take the About.com back pain quiz. As a very common condition with four out of 5 people experiencing low back pain sometime in their life, find out how much you know about back pain? Do you know how it's treated? Do you know if you can prevent it? Take the Back Pain Quiz and find out.

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The Back Pain Blog

The Back Pain Blog features news, commentary, articles and opinions on back pain, neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs and various treatment options. This back pain blog is not boring though, it has a sprinkle of controversy, humor and miscellaneous tidbits thrown in just to keep it interesting.

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The Basics Exercises for Back Pain - Video

Watch this video on lower back pain exercises to relieve pain in your lower back. Each lower back pain exercise in this clip will help back pain, relieve tension, and end back pain. Learn from David Wicker as he teaches lower back pain exercises from one of his classes in Hawaii. Over 200,000 people have taken his classes with improvement. Learn and watch the lower back pain techniques and then try them yourself; they are easy to follow and he's clear to understand.

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Clinical Trials on Back Pain

ClinicalTrials.gov is an easy-to-use Web site that provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical trials, including more than 254 current studies on Back Pain that are open and recruiting.

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8 Steps to a Pain Free Back - A Book From Amazon

"8 Steps to a Pain Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot (Remember When It Didn't Hurt)", written by Esther Gokhale is one of the most informative reads you will find on Amazon. Forget what you thought you knew about good posture. Adopt the natural, healthy posture used by athletes, children, and people in traditional societies the world over. Read about the influence of posture, and how to change it to free yourself from pain and injury. Discover the posture and movements that keep young and old in traditional societies free of back pain their entire lives. Forget medication, surgery, or time-consuming exercises and transform sitting, standing, walking, and bending into comfortable movements that actually make you healthier as you do them.

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Exercise and Back Pain from Spine Health

Spine Health is one of the best resources to look for when experiencing back pain. A typical response to experiencing back pain is to take it easy - either staying in bed or at least stopping any activity that is at all strenuous. While this approach is understandable and may even be recommended in the short term, when done for more than a day or two it can actually undermine healing. Instead, read about active forms of exercise here that are almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine and help alleviate back pain.

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Getting to the Root of Extreme Back Pain: A YouTube Video

Watch a video about Vickie Lizardo who suffered from extreme back pain for three years, and the advice she sought from Dr. James Reynolds, a spine specialist. Learn about her journey to find a cure.

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